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Blue Mesa Reservoir Fishing Report 8/2

Where has the summer gone? I guess when you are guiding trips 6 days a week time flies right by. That being said my family and I are truly grateful for all of you and your support this summer. This is my last month being able to be on a boat guiding fishing trips. I will still have a couple boats working through September so you will be able to get in a trip later but for me I will be off hunting and guiding Biggame hunts here in Colorado. If I have available days to guide fishing I will be posting it on here and social media.

This past week we saw some increase in the number of fish we are seeing move into the schooling area of the lake. The moon phase is such that we are seeing new fish coming up the lake to join up in numbers. There still have not been a slam dunk lure color. Each day we are playing with colors and size and presentation to get these picky salmon to bite. Just because you found a school of salmon does not mean they will bite. Be persistent and find what triggers them. We did some early morning trolling this week and we have been picking up some nice 3 year old salmon in the early morning.

The trout bite has stayed decent. This is an early morning trolling bite in the top 20 feet of water. This bite will die off around 9:00 and that's generally when we switch to hunting for schools of salmon.

For booking a trip this month I think we have 5 available dates so contact us soon to get a trip in . Those open dates are the 13, 24, 26, 27 and 28th as of 8/2.

Be sure to follow our blog and interact with me on here and social media. We are getting our product line built and will be rewarding top fans with some CFE gear. Check us out on twitter, instagram, facebook, Tumblr, and snapchat.

Again thanks and I wish you all the best!

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