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Issac with his trophy laker

big old trophy laker caught and released

Lacey and her first Lake Trout

Lacey caught two giant lake trout with us.

Lake Trout
A true giant of the lake

28 pound laker for Lisa. Congrats!

Amanda's Trophy Lake Trout
Trophy Laker Trout
36 lb 44 inch monster

Lisa with her biggest Lake Trout to date 44 inches long and 36 pounds

Big ol laker!
Trophy lake trout
Blue Mesa Kokanee
Lucky Linda's Laker
Doubled up on some giants

28 pounder and an 18 pounder caught at the same time

Kids and Kokanee equals smiles
Scott with a trophy Laker
Trophy Lake Trout
Trophy Lake Trout
Full belly on this trophy
Chris with a great Laker
Jerad with a trophy Lake Trout
Trophy Lake Trout
Trophy Lake Trout
24 pound laker for Doug
Denise with a hog laker!
Peter with a Great Lake Trout
Clay with a giant that was just under 40
Dan's trophy lake trout!
Jobi & Clay with a true giant!

39 pound giant

Salmon jigging success

great family had a fun time jigging salmon

Limited out on salmon

two friends had a great time and caught their limit of salmon

Kokanee salmon jigging

3 buds had a great day jigging salmon

big Kokanee

caught some big salmon

father son duo

son just came out of the army. great time together for this father son duo

New Mexico boys

these guys fished two days with us and took home some great Kokanee

young fisherman with Kokes

kids and Kokanee go together

jigged up some Kokanee

went into over time to get the Kokanee to bite today but it paid off

Great day of fishing

Jigging season is so fun. Huge haul from the day.

Kokanee on the cleaning table

laid out the catch of the day

first timers success

this couple had a great time catching Kokanee

Cleaning table pics

some nice Kokanee

2020 Kokanee

A really pretty Kokanee

big Kokanee

caught some nice Kokanee today

Catching some reds

young fisher lady with a nice red she jigged up

Guide Brylan

Brylan with a nice red from jigging.


Nice haul from the day

Guide Larissa

Larissa with a young laker she threw back

Sunrise on Blue Mesa

love the sunrises we get to see on the lake

Trolling success

Trolled up some good Kokanee

Kokanee salmon

nice haul from the day


Nice young laker we threw back.

kokanee and trout

it was a Kokanee and trout kind of day

Guide Jerad

Guide Jerad

trolling day

haul from trolling

Cold day limits

Fish were happy about the June snow.

limits of salmon

nice haul

Trophy Lake Trout

Awesome Lake Trout that was release to grow some more

Healthy Kokanee

Catching some big Kokanee

Trolling up some Lakers

Trolled up some nice lakers today


Nice Kokanee

Huge Kokanee

Huge Kokanee from the day of jigging

Tons of action trolling

Trolled up a nice mix today

Crazy group had a blast

This group had a great time fishing with us!

Kids and big reds

this youngster hauled up some big salmon with his dad

Trophy Lake Trout

Happy client with a monster lake trout!

Kokanee deliciousness

Kokanee cleaned and ready to take home

Guide Brylan

Little fly fishing trip we did. Caught some native Cutthroats

Nice Lake Trout

Nice laker we caught and let go to grow.

Huge Kokanee

This youngster caught his limit all by himself. Fun kid to have on the boat.

Nice laker

Nice lake trout we let go to grow

Big Trophy Laker

Trophy Lake Trout caught in Blue Mesa Reservoir in Gunnison Colorado

Happy Client with her trophy lake trout

Trophy Lake Trout caught on Blue Mesa

Trophy Laker

Josh brought this giant through the ice with us.



Nice 4 year old salmon

Guide Brylan with a clients big salmon.

Clients with their catch

Good day catching salmon!

Sweet young lady with her salmon

Sweet young lady with her salmon that was bigger than her brothers so she was all smiles!

Salmon and more salmon

Great day catching salmon!

Fathers Day Trip

Father and son limited out on the salmon and went after trout.

Brylan and a hungry brown

Brylan was testing lures to help dial us in and caught this brown.

Jerad and a Crawford Bass

Jerad got away with his family for an evening and caught a nice Crawford Largemouth.

Brylan and a spotted up Brown

Brylan doing what he does. Catch fish!

Almost a laker meal!

This poor 3 year old salmon was almost a laker meal.

Couple buds and a limit of salmon

Salmon bite was hot!

Grandpa and the Bass pond

Kids got to go to papa's bass pond and brought in a couple huge bass!

Brylan holding his sisters bass

He was pretty proud of his sister and her huge catch.

Brylan with a big salmon

Nice big salmon from the days trip.

Healthy Kokanee

Nice healthy blue mesa reservoir Kokanee salmon.

Couple and their first salmon trip

Bunch of salmon for their week long camping trip.

Blue Mesa Reservoir Kokanee

Nice Kokanee salmon from the days trip.

Ex Broncos and their fish

Had a great time with these guys on Blue Mesa Reservoir fishing for salmon and trout.

Blue Mesa Reservoir Sunrise

Sunrise on the Lake!

Kokanee Salmon on the boat

Catching some real nice Kokanee Salmon on Blue Mesa Reservoir

Big Kokanee Salmon

Oldest age class of Kokanee look pretty good

Limit of Salmon on Blue

Limit of big salmon on Blue Mesa

Brylan's biggest Salmon

Guide Brylan and his biggest Salmon so far!

Crawford Reservoir Bass

Crawford is producing some good bass!

Crawford Reservoir Crappie

There are tons of Crappie in Crawford for your catching enjoyment!

3 person salmon limt

3 person salmon limit of good sized salmon

Kokanee Salmon Limits

Another limit of Kokanee Salmon from Blue Mesa

Crawford Carp

Do this fishery a favor and come shoot some carp with us

Brylan and his first carp

Brylan's first carp with his bow!

Mess of Crappie

Crappie from Crawford Reservoir!

Big Crappie

There are a few big crappie in with all the others

Guide Brylan and his Carp

Guide Brylan and his biggest carp from Crawford Reservoir!

Ice Fishing Crawford

Beautiful sunset on a good day of ice fishing.

Successful day on Crawford

mess of fish through the ice

Trout from Crawford

Rainbow trout from Crawford Reservoir

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