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Ice fishing tactics on Blue Mesa Reservoir

This year has been a slow year for growing ice thick enough to fish on Blue Mesa Reservoir. That being said the fishing has still been great on what ice is there. No your probably not going to pull any lakers up from east of the bridge or catch a limit if salmon but you will have good enough action and a mix of browns, rainbows and some big perch as well. 

   To get you started you will need some bait, either wax worms, kreel, meal worms or even earthworms will do the trick. Put theses on a tube jig or kastmaster and you will be in business in no time. Fish the bottom 5 feet if your east of the bridge. 

 If doing it yourself isn’t your thing give us a call and book your next trip with us.  We will take care of everything for you. 

Call Jerad 970-640-9461

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