Tournament Rules & Regulations

Please Read Tournament Rules Before joining your first Tournament!

Rules For CFE Tournaments
3 longest trout

(Browns, Rainbows,Cutthroats, and Cutbows ONLY)  No Lake Trout unless it is a specific Lake Trout Tournament.

App will auto cull and keep your 3 longest to total your score.

Submitting and Photographing:

-Fish needs to face left to right, Belly closest to the angler.

-Mouth MUST be closed

-Fish MUST be alive

-Hold Fish with hand to keep from jumping is permitted, (do NOT squeeze or push hard to gain length.)

-Complete Identifier MUST be in photo. (the 4 digit number given in the app the day of the tournament.)

-MUST use an Official Trough Style measuring device

-Ruler markings must be readable in photo

Deduction if:

-Open mouth at all. At least -1 inch unless more is required.

-You can be docked for excessive squeezing of fish 

Disqualified Fish if:

-Not using the CPR (Catch Photo and Release) 

-Fish not touching end of measuring trough or tip of mouth is covered and isn’t visibly touching end of device.

-Complete identifier not in photo

-Ruler can’t be read

-Fish facing wrong direction

-Not using trough style device

-Dead fish

-Bad sportsmanship on the fb page and sending private messages to other anglers.

 Any concerns regarding clarification of rules shall be discussed with the Tournament Director BEFORE the start of the tournament. 

The Tournament Director will have the final decision on any formal complaints

More In Depth List Of Detailed Rules

1. Registration and Entry Fee

All participants must completely fill out the official registration step #1

2. Format:

   a. Anglers will be allowed to fish public waters only during our tournaments, in the summer months any methods is allowed. (Boat, walk wade, kayak, rafts etc.) 

   b. Anglers will participate using a Catch Photo Release (CPR) format.

   c. Anglers will submit photos of their 3 longest fish. Anglers should submit all catches using the app TourneyX to be counted.

   d. Anglers must be using an easy to read TROUGH STYLE measuring device.

   e. Measurements will be taken in Inches only rounded to the closest .25 inch. 

   f. The angler with the largest total inches of fish will win the tournament event.

3. Catch:

   a. All fish must be taken with a fishing rod, line and hook during the tournament.  

   b. Artificial lures and flies are allowed. Live bait (minnows) is not permitted. Worms, meal worms, wax worms, and shrimp are all allowed. 

   c. Fish must be hooked in the mouth.

   d. The use of scents, and Gulp, is permitted.

   e. Trout must be alive during photograph and released alive.

4. Token/Card:

   a. Anglers will be given unique identifier for the tournament. This Identifier is very important to the angler as it must be in the picture of your fish for the fish to count.

   b. Identifier will be revealed on TourneyX to each individual angler the night before the tournament starts at 12am Midnight.

5. Photo:

All fish must be photographed on an easy to read TROUGH measuring device. You must use a camera phone or digital camera for the picture.

   a. Fish must be lying flat, facing left to right, with mouth closed in a natural resting position centered against the start of the measuring device. The fish must appear in a natural state. The tail will be measured as it lies.

   b. “Angler Assist” shall be allowed when handling large fish. Anglers may summon a nearby friend for assistance in measuring and photographing the fish, to get a clear measurement and ensure the safety of the fish. The photo must be taken with the angler’s own camera.

   c. Photo must be taken on the angler’s vessel with the identifier clearly visible in every picture for it to count.(kayak, and Boating tournaments)

   d. Anglers are responsible for having pictures clear and visible for the judge’s view. The judges and the tournament director have official say on a fish’s length.

   e. Images may not be digitally altered or enhanced in any way.

6. CPR Photo Criteria:

   a. All criteria must be met or the photo will not be scored.

   b. Show the whole fish, tip to tail.

   c. Lay the fish with the tip of the mouth at the beginning of the trough.

   d. Measurement markings on the measuring board shall be clearly visible.

   e. An angler’s assigned official identifier 4 digit code shall be visible.

   f. One overhead photo (taken from directly above, not at an angle).

7. CPR Judging:

   a. The judge will round down to the closest .25” from where the tail lies.

   b. Judges have full discretion on open mouth and where the tail lies.

   c. If there is a questionable photo, judges can ask tournament director to make final ruling.

   d. Each angler may submit their photo before the submission deadline ends. Will be announced through email and in the Facebook Group.

8. Ties:

   a. Any ties in total inches will be rewarded to the angler who submitted their catch first.

9. Safety:

   a. All anglers are to follow the laws specifically stated by the state of where fishing.

   b. Each angler must have a valid fishing license for the duration of the tournament.

10. Ethics:

   a. Anglers are to use sportsmanship on and off the water.

   b. Be respectful of other participants that are launching or fishing in similar areas to you.

   c. Anglers are expected to follow all the rules as well as state rule and regulations.

   d. Anyone caught cheating could receive punishment by law and receive lifetime bans from other fishing events and tournaments.

   e. During the hours of competition, contestants shall not obtain or receive assistance.

11. Penalties:

   a. Open Mouth on fish; -1 inch deduction penalty.

   b. Unnatural manipulation of the fish aside from pinching the tail; .5” deduction penalty

   c. Token and/or card missing in photo; fish will be disqualified.

12. Disqualifications:

   a. Any fish on a stringer or restrained to a Hawg Trough by any means other than the competitors hand or the approved bands. This includes: grips, stringers, hooks, lures, etc.

   b. Token and/or card missing in photo; fish will be disqualified.

13. Formal complaints:

   a. Any concerns regarding clarification of rules shall be discussed with the Tournament Director BEFORE the start of the tournament.

   b. The Tournament Director will have the final decision on any formal complaints.