Kodiak Custom Fish Fry Jigging Spoons are tiny little fish pounding gems, about the length of a dime, that mimic stressed or dying fish fry. Our 1/16 oz. mini Jigging Spoon is a deadly icefishing jig that specializes in catching bass, crappie, bluegill, perch, trout, kokanee, whitefish, grayling and the list goes on! Most of the micro mini jigs in this product line are armed with a silver holographic pattern on one side of the spoon and a colorful glow in the dark finish on the other. A small blade is attached near the hook on a Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle Jigging Spoon that adds flutter and flash to boost it’s appeal as a jig bait that’s just dying to get bit!

Fish Fry Mini Jigging Spoons