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Social distancing

Quarantine, social distancing, shelter in place, these are all terms we are already tired of hearing and hope we don’t ever have to go through this again. My friends we wish you all the best and hope and pray that through this we can all reflect on our lives and what’s important and come out of this as better people, friends, brothers and sisters In Christ. Please be safe and consider those who have health issues. Call up your elderly friends and family and check on them. They may need a half gallon of milk to get by or something else you can leave by their door. Be kind and caring as most of us have never gone through anything like this. Above all pray. Pray for your friends and family, pray for our leaders that God can help them and guide them through this. Pray for the many doctors and nurses and medical staff who are working hard and risking so much for all of us. Pray for all our children. Pray for healing. Pray for your neighbor and his or her small business. Love and support each other. This to shall pass! We look forward to this being over so we can enjoy some fishing with you all. Thank you all for your continued support.

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