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Blue Mesa Reservoir Fishing Report 7/14/2020

First off I would like to thank all of you for your support. We have been swamped. Thank you for sharing us with your friends and family.

Blue Mesa Reservoir continues to provide fishing opportunities for us that we are grateful for. Trout fishing has slowed down a bit but we are still catching browns and rainbows in the top 25 feet and along edges and inlets. Trolling has been productive for us. Kokanee salmon are still a challenge as they are scattered still throughout the lake. Starting to see some groups but not big enough and still too spooky and moving to effectively jig for them. We have been the most productive trolling at 60-65 feet. No one color has been super but we have kept a pink micro squid with a white blade in the mix everyday. One must be persistent to find any success catching Kokanee right now. Cycle through baits and dodgers to find a color and presentation they like. We had some Perch success this last week. They are in 25 feet and shallower water and move around a lot. Tubes tipped with worm near the bottom has been productive. We are still picking up some laker pups trolling for salmon if we get below 70 feet. New stuff to share this week. We will be releasing our new improved logos that will be going in hats and shirts and other merchandise.

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Thank you!

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