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Blue Mesa Fishing Report 7/3/20

CFE had a good week with great clients which we are always thankful for. Kokanee fishing continues to be a grind. some days are better than others and we aren’t exactly sure what the deal is with the Kokanee. In our opinion we feel that the gill lice are taking a toll on the Kokanee and they are struggling with oxygen and just surviving. The fish we catch are huge and put up a great fight though. Productivity has come from being persistent in changing depths, lures, and speed. We caught salmon at 2 colors on lead line and in the same 5 minutes caught one at 91 feet on the downrigger 🤷‍♂️. The fish are scattered at first light and we have picked them up shallower at 35-55 then at around 9:30 we are seeing them group up in small schools very deep. Orange spinner/assassin’s seemed to be the most productive this week. Rainbows and browns are still biting but the bite has slowed down. We pick up a few while working the salmon. Lake trout fishing has been good. Trolling for salmon we are consistently picking up laker pups in areas close to the bottom or near edges. Big lakers are dispersing into the deep. Seeing fewer and fewer fish hunting shallow. But the few that are shallow have been happy and hungry. Thank you for your support and we encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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