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Blue Mesa Reservoir Fishing and Ice report

Fishing has been great for Browns, Rainbows and small Lakers from Elk Creek east to the Lake City Bridge. There have been definite hot spots around the lake and we recommend if you are not marking fish to move around and find a spot with higher traffic. The rainbows have been in almost all depths under 50 feet but seem to be cruising 10-25 feet suspended. The browns and lakers have been cruising the bottom 10 feet of water in depths around 25-45 feet. Catching some perch in the Iola basin. Finding them is tough since there is so much cover with the flooded weeds. Big Lakers have lock jaw and are feasting on perch so they are fat and happy.

Ice is still growing slowly. There is still one open water spot in Soap Basin. The ice to avoid is the new ice in front of the Pinnacles and also the newest patch extending out in Soap Basin. Lake Fork now has safe ice but be cautious as you head east around Mac Island it thins out quick. The ice right at the dam is measuring 4-5 but there is open water right at the spillway and some thin spots out just east of the dam so be cautious going out on this ice just yet. Everything else from middle bridge east seems pretty solid but use your own judgement and be careful. Just because you see someone driving a side by side or sled on the ice doesn't mean that it is safe ice. Please check for yourself to verify.

For booking your ice fishing trip with us please call or text Jerad @ 9706409461

Great day on Blue Mesa Reservoir

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