How It Works

The Process Is Simple…

Step 1 Register

Register for our upcoming end of month tournament if you are new to this. We host 1-2 tournaments a month but the end of month is open to all who wish to sign up. You do not need to be a member of the association to compete.


Download the app TourneyX Pro onto your phone and create a FREE account.

This step needs to be complete as soon as possible. The admins after you register on the website will get you added to the roster.

***There can be a few day delay to show up on the roster after registration as admin will add you to the roster.

Step 3. Acquire a Trough Style Measuring Device.

Because Colorado Fishing Expeditions hosts an online tournament series. We have had to input a series of requirements to keep the integrity of our platform. The biggest one is the use of a trough style measuring device. A Trough is a fishing measuring device that curves up on each side and is mostly found online. Be sure to give yourself enough time to acquire a device to not get your photo submissions dq’d!

Step 4. Know How to Photograph and Use the App

Let me walk you through the app so you have a better understandings of how it works so come tournament time you are one step ahead!

Tournament fishing is a challenge by itself to find BIG fish but…

You also need to know how to photo graph you fish to get credit!

**Here is main dashboard in the app TourneyX Pro.


To make sure you have been added to the tournament… Select Standings and a tournament should appear there for you to click on. 

The standings is a live leaderboard of your specific tournament you are entered in.


Top right of dashboard your unique identifier will pull up 15 min before the tournament. 

**Usually around 5:45 AM

This 4 Digit blue series of numbers is your identifier


This identifier must be PHYSICALLY in your photos. On your hand or on a card or paper! Some guys put it on a note card in a ziplock bag. 


This is the perfect example of a fish that did not receive any deductions.

-Closed Mouth

-Fish is facing from left to right belly towards the angler.

-Identifier clearly visable

-Entire fish is in photo

Submit Your Fish

To submit your fish during the time frame of your tournament simply click submit catch and take photo or upload photo.

Do NOT use livewells or in the ice livewells! 

Always submit to your leaderboard as you fish 

BECAUSE the app will auto cull and keep your longest fish for your score automatically. 

Step 5. Tournament DAY

FOCUS ON YOU! Don’t worry about other anglers on the leaderboard with their fish mouth open or the duplicate etc. The judges will go through after the tournament and dq or deduct points for not following rules.

The leaderboard is not set in stone until the winners are officially announced a day or two later.